A Bit About Us


Air Goes cc was born in 2006. Desiree and Jos had been working on contracts in Nigeria for MTN,


installing precision air conditioning units into MTN Billing rooms and IT Server rooms for 2 1/2 years and


returned to South Africa in 2005.


The niche in the market in South Africa at that time was the specialized skills needed in the Maintenance,


Service and Repair of air conditioning units. There were many HVAC companies who supplied and


installed various HVAC units but the Maintenance thereof was neglected.


The opportunity arose for a Service company in this HVAC Industry in Midrand which Jos and Desiree


Schutte formed and developed by up skilling and training staff to fault find and repair of air conditioning


units, including Precision and Chiller systems. In 2010 Air Goes was invited to tender (against 22 other


HVAC companies) and won the Tender for the BOC, Bombela Operating Company for the Preventative


and Corrective Maintenance for 5 years of the HVAC systems in the Office blocks, stations and tunnels of



Air Goes CC has embarked on various projects by supplying comfort cooling, refrigeration and maintenance of precision air-conditioning units locally, within our African countries, and abroad in New Zealand which have been a great success.
Through our skills and knowledge, we are able to provide you with the best suited option for your specific requirements.
Air Goes cc strives to take our clients’ best interest at heart, and stand confidently in the fact that our reputation is our reputation!

We are a dynamic team of professionals committed to making a real difference in the lives of our clients in South Africa. We are proudly South African.
Comfort Cooling- Air conditioning for both the office and comfort of your home – Cooling and heating
Refrigeration- Industry specific for restaurants, hotels and canteens, including ice machines
New Installations- Air-conditioning units including Inverter R410A gas units – power saving
Maintenance- The maintenance of all the various types of air conditioning is very important to increase the lifespan and efficiency of the unit. Even refrigeration needs constant servicing to ensure optimum performance.
Repair and Service- Fault-finding and repair is imperative for return on investment for our clients. Spares and backup service for cost effectiveness and productivity in the workplace.
Supply- New installations include sizing, designing and recommendations of options for specific projects. For example: A precision air-conditioning unit is a definite choice for a server room, data center or medical theatre. Comfort cooling for offices and home use. Refrigeration for restaurants, hotels and canteens.