Air-Conditioner Repairs 

As we are not Brand bound the various repairs are sourced from different Suppliers.


This would be all working parts from various disciplines e.g.electronic components, electrical components, capacitors, fans, fan barrels, fan housings, compressors, coils, thermostat controls, pc boards, water pumps, leaking copper pipes, leaking water piping, louvres, remotes, filters, bag filters

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Warranty on workmanship.

Warranty on External units subject to

Suppliers Standard Terms and Conditions.

1-3 years

Warranty on compressors subject to

Suppliers Standard Terms and Conditions.

1 - 10 years

Professional Services with ongoing training and development to keep up with technological advancements.

Flushing of systems to limit build up of dirt in the system when changing compressors.

Pulling vacuum for compressor changes in line quality Assurance checks. (Pressure testing).

Environment friendly products used in servicing.

Servicing of air conditioning units to keep office air quality healthy within living and working environments