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Air Goes specializes in all industrial, office and residential applications.


We believe in going green, therefore offer low power consumption – and inverter units; saving electricity and complying with World Standards in terms of gas – R410A gas is “greener” than R22.

We are not brand bound and soare able to offer LG, SAMSUNG, ALLIANCE, DAIKIN, JET AIR, INFINITY, GREE, MACLAREN and SIR AIR brands.

Air Goes cc offers the following:



Comfort Cooling- Air conditioning for both the office and comfort of your home – Cooling and heating


New Installations- Air-conditioning units including Inverter R410A gas units – power saving


Maintenance- The maintenance of all the various types of air conditioning is very important to increase the lifespan and efficiency of the unit. 


Even refrigeration needs constant servicing to ensure optimum performance and efficiency, just like a motor vehicle.


Repair and Service- Fault-finding and repair is imperative for return on investment for our clients.  Spares and backup service for cost


effectiveness and productivity in the workplace.


Supply- New installations include sizing, designing and recommendations of options for specific projects.  Including Comfort cooling for offices


(commercial) and home use (domestic).